Welcome to Historical Locks

These pages are the work of Raine Borg – PhD in aesthetics, ethnologist, and engineer – and the ASSA ABLOY lock group. We hope that this site will be a meeting place and a knowledge bank for everyone who is interested in the history of locks.

It all started when Raine Borg visited central Prague in the spring of 1962. In a little mom-and-pop curio shop, he bought his first wrought-iron door key:

He still has that key – a thing of beauty with a complex bit. Curious as to how the lock to the key might look, he started investigating more and more into the history of locks and keys, and soon became fascinated by their workings.

Raine BorgHis curiosity eventually resulted in an impressive collection of locks and keys. Examining these collector’s items, visiting museums all over Europe, Asia and the United States, and studying available literature from around the world, has made him something of an expert in the field.

Raine decided to share his fascination with these wonderful things, and in a meeting with ASSA ABLOY in late 2003, the idea was born to create a dynamic, web-based platform for locks and keys based on Raine’s collection and writings.

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Today’s locks and security solutions

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