Roman padlocks - more images

Roman lock with hand or foot shackles from archeological digs in the small German town of Neupotz near the Rhine, south of the city of Speyer. The sketch also shows a likely locking method using ward springs and a latch key. Sketch by the author
The principle of an early Roman-Empire barrel padlock with ward springs. Sketch by the author
The principle of a padlock of the type made in Birka and on Helgö Island in Swedish Lake Mälaren during the Viking Era. The lock is fitted with ward springs and is a simplified version of the Roman barrel padlocks. Sketch by the author.
Another Roman padlock with ward springs. The simple principle in this particular example is the basis of many padlocks of different shapes over much of the world. This lock concept was used by manufacturers well into the 19th century. Sketch by the author.